Session 149

Hoard 28


The chaos of battle unfolds and foolhardy actions leave us mourning a comrade…

Ambush! Without warning the air around us is swarming with dark arrows, as the barbed edges bite into our flesh we hear the echoing dry slither of Yuan-T scales scraping upon the dry cavern floor. Sensing catastrophe I draw upon the arcane arts and a tunnel erupts in front of us in a blaze of molten magma.

Running through the dust and rubble I leap into the dark temple encouraging my colleges to follow me from the death trap we have stumbled into “Run you fools, run!”. Sliding to a stop two Yaun-Ti leap towards me from the shadows their poison dripping blades gleaming in the darkness. I loose track of time as blades dance and twist in the air, I know I’m out of my depth but we must advance! Suddenly arrows fly into the Yuan-Ti behind me, I do not know weather to thank friend or foe. It’s then that I hear a distant dark chanting and my body collapses in pain as the poison in my body turns into a fiery molten hell, falling to my knees I teleport blindly only to find myself in the Yuan-Ti hatchery! Panicking I use the dagger of Madok to pierce a hole in the closed door in front of me only to see the chaos of battle as my comrades are shrieking and falling in pain before the Yuan-Ti onslaught. Muttering a secret oath I cross my heart and teleport next to the snake shaman and draw my short sword…

As I do I wonder, is this cause important enough for me to sacrifice my life for?


The musin… macings? Macings of Kroll? Gonna have to work on the title. Learning is pain, my old coach used to say, and this place is a Sorceror-cursedly good teacher!

So I’m waiting in ambush, right? Because that water was flammable- don’t seem right, that happening, but weren’t safe to drink anyway, so no skin off my nose. Think I lost an eyebrow though. hair off my eyebrow but not skin off my nose.

Anyway, turns out that ghost-bait can cast up some sort of tunnely magic rubbish. Dunno why we was standing around talking about how to get in when he can do that, but sure- Kroll ain’t the brains of the operation.

Not sure the operation has brains, but at least that Naraaku must’ve given ‘em hell. Wouldn’t like to enter an archery contest with him. Not sure I could catch up with him to stab him with an arrow…

These snake people hit pretty hard.

Also… every time I think I’m about to finally get a chance to rest, some glowing disk thing appears in my dreams. Great sound of battle behind it, but I guess that could’ve just been me. Then this stupid figure reaches out of the light, tells me to get up again. Feels strange. Probably got something to do with that thing Shaliya is carrying. I should warn her to be careful of it. Can’t be sure it’s safe, what with waking up people from a well deserved rest. Not sure if she’s under its influence though. I’ll have to put on my thinking boots for this one.
I think I might go hit something now.

One day I reckon someone will want to record all my thoughts. Hope its someone writing stuff down for interest not some interrogator…"

See the word of Kroll. One day, his shall verily be the good book.
He came unto the town, you see, with scarce a penny to his name (bloody elves), and he looked upon the poor and the downtrodden!

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Session 149

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