Session 150

Hoard 28


In which the party splits in two, maddened by an ancient fear…

The echo of battle still rings painfully in my ears as I fall to the floor exhausted. The stinging blood dripping from my brow blurs my vision but I manage to see the sprinting shadows of Naraaku and Solzek? Chasing after the Yaun-Ti Shaman. Suddenly a giant winged golden warrior appears over me, his glowing great sword blinds me, it’s crazed eyes glows and it laughs at me, laughs! I run screaming, to where I do not know it’s as if I am running from fate itself! More shadows run past me, friend or foe I cannot tell, as the adrenalin surging through my soul begins to wears off I go into shock passing out from the blood loss of cuts, stabs and poisoned barbs…

An intense deafening noise awakens me, it’s as if the very cavern is awakening around us. As I try to guess it’s cause my companions scatter in panic, what fear has overtaken them? Looking around I see Ken and Krull start to barricade themselves in the west hatchery, fear in their eyes. Naraaku and the others flee in panic down the west passage, there is no order and friends push past friend as they flee.

The crescendo of our doom pierces my heart. My mind swims in fear, have we awoken a deep one? I think back to my studies, Yul-Ki the Yaun-Ti creator? Hassath the giant centipede mother? Or the ancient obsidian dragon of myth?

As I run after the fleeing party, the world freezes around me and I hear a strange melodic voice speaking to me “Hix, the days are changing, the old begins to replaces the new, follow your heart” – Shallaya, is that you?*

What have we done? I stop running and turn around, songs will be sung about this day!

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Session 150

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