Session 39

  • Jekall is in his safe-house making arrangements, and in walks nervous looking gent with large black cloak barely covering a tunic of fine purple velvet, a bone threaded patch on one eye and greasy long hair, motions to jekall to come over
  • The messenger informs jekall that house kevarin want him to investigate a possible slave riot in the city to see if any of them would be ‘interested’ in their cause. Jekall instructs the man to speak to one of the other thieves to be ‘re-disguised’ so that he will not be such a target in the warrens and after a quick change himself hurries off towards the stadium to see what’s going on…
  • Frost looks up close to the top of the ziggurat where the booming voice came from. He can just about make out the silhouette of a figure dressed in fine robes and wearing a tall ornate hat, having little knowledge of city life he can discern little more aside from this is a person of importance within the city (at least supposed importance). Nodding to Solzak who glances upwards to the figure who cuts an intimidating silhouette into the burning sun and seems to shimmer in its light.
  • The message to surrender is repeated as they can see the figure shove past slaves and slave masters making his way down the ziggurat towards them. This, they realise is Gamreg Huzuul, the infamous ‘bully boy’ of the templar ranks, tasked with ‘rounding up of volunteers for the ziggurat’. A task he took too with all too much joy
  • The group do not have time to look any longer however as the guards bear down on them. With the assistance of Frost and Drax however they make short work of them and see that a large crowd is beginning to gather in the streets, watching both them and the ziggurat
  • Eben signals to Drax to go look for Orsk and as he nods Drax quickly disappears into the shadow of the stadium
  • Solzak leaps upon a nearby stone block, elevating himself above the throng and calls out to the crowd nearby to join them in rebelling against Kalak. There is a murmur from the crowd but then more nervous glances up to the ziggurat as they can see the templar Gamreg walk slowly down. Some of the slaves on the ziggurat attempt to make a break for it, seeing the fighting near the stadium and try to escape their bonds. Gamreg, seeing this futile attempt at rebellion, summons the dark energy from within him and blasts the group of slaves with a bolt of dark energy that sends 5 of them flying from the upper tier of the ziggurat down to the ground right beside Solzak and the others! Solzak and Frost look up in horror but then a look of determination firms on Solzak’s face
    Solzak turns to the slaves on the ziggurat and calls to them to turn on their masters and join the free. This resonates with the slaves but the cruel taskmasters just whip them until they return to work.
  • The crowd of bystanders however start to chatter loudly, which turns to anger at anyone and anything that contributed to the frustrations of their current existence. A group of Half giants and more mul guards try to barge past the crowd but for a moment the crowd resist and the frustration builds further.
  • Solzak then calls to the crowd once more appealing to them to make a stand and that now the time is right to turn on the infernal Kalak who has kept them enslaved to his will for too long. Swept away with the moment and Solzak’s eloquent speeches the crowd build into a somewhat unified chorus
  • Then from the crowd a female voice rings out calling on Solzak to tell her why he is using the name of the free when he is not a member? It turns out that this is an Elf called Mee-Lana, a member of the free and initially none too happy about a revolt started in their name. The free are not ready is her response but eventually when talking to Solzak he sways her and together they inspire the crowd to disperse and start a riot in Tyr!
  • Whilst this is going on Jekall can see to the west past the stadium that the great gates to the templar quarter are closing but as they do a contingent of mounted soldiers marches forth, concentrating on Solzak he warns the minstrel of the impending trouble…
  • The mounted templar guard approach the ziggurat. Solzak and Jekall step forth, and talking briefly with them, their leader Zafir is an older soldier and something triggers with him that makes him question his superiors! He agrees to help see if others are willing to defect or at least sow the seeds that a change may be required in the regime. Spurring their crodlu they ride off into the city, just in time to come face to face with another group of soldiers coming from the east
  • Gamreg arrives at the lower tier of the ziggurat and calls out to them all to surrender or face imprisonment. Neither the crowd or Solzak and the group are listening at this point until the templar unleashes a terrific crash of lightning that strikes both Solzak and Frost. The templar concentrates his angry gaze on Solzak and the minstrel is wracked with incredible pain and the smell of burning flesh seeps into the midday air
  • You will pay for your insolence! Screams the templar as Solzak fights for his life. Eben charges the templar and strikes him from behind momentarily breaking his concentration and then the templar is pulled from the ziggurat by an unseen force (Jekall) and lands at the feet of Frost. The jaws of Frost twist and contort and become more animal than human as the spirit inside him takes hold. The creature that was once frost leaps with glee onto the dazed templar delving his claws into his sun weathered skin spilling crimson liquid onto hot sand. The templar struggles and manages to throw Frost back before firing another bolt of dark energy causing Frost to yelp in pain.
  • Eben, after having to climb back down from the ziggurat rushes in again bringing his axe to bear to slice through the templars’ spine knocking him to the floor, blood pouring from the open wound.
    Solzak, recovering from the spell brings his crossbow to bear and aiming carefully fires a bolt, dipped in poison into the templar – striking true. Gamreg staggers back, mumbles under his breath trying to search for the words to his next spell but his mind is spent and veins riddled with dark liquid. As he drops to his knees a foam appears around his lips and he falls face first into the dirt contorting momentarily before lying still
  • A cheer from the crowd erupts and Solzak turns to face those that remain, and one sentence dominates his and those of the crowd’s lips.

    For a free Tyr!

  • Drax, having rushed into the stadium can see nobles quickly dispersing via the various exits of the stadium and general nervous panic amongst the remaining guards who keep well out of his way. A roar from below the stadium floor encourages him to hurry and fortunate too, as he can see Orsk lying on the floor and the giant Brohg pick up a female gladiator by the neck and smashing her face into the wall crushing her skull completely. They can hear the slaves shriek in terror as the Brohg charges once more but as it does so Drax charges too, thrusting his Halberd deep into the creatures thigh and twisting violently stopping it in its tracks. Drax then concentrates for a moment using the way forms a barrier in front of him as he braces for the Brohg’s return strike. The creature is quick to spin round swiping Drax to the side like a rag doll, but his defence keeps the damage to a minimum…
  • The Slaves on the west side of the ziggurat who witnessed the slaying of Gamreg erupt into violence, turning on their taskmasters and the templars in a bitter battle. Several individuals are thrown from the pyramid and the ziggurat seems to take on a life of its own as the teeming mass struggle to escape.
  • Eben turns to Frost and says they must find Orsk and Drax, and free Orsk whilst they can to escape into the Warrens lest more Templars arrive
  • Leaving Solzak and Jekall the pair rush through the stadium still emptying with panicked nobles and head down toward the gladiatorial pits. A familiar roar from Drax points them in the right direction, and they are soon charging into the fight with the Brohg.
  • Drax pulls Orsk to his feet and although dazed from the blood and sweat in his eyes manages to swing his hammer at the beast knocking it back. From there the fight becomes easier as the Brohg is caught from both sides and eventually falls to a flurry of stabs slices and bludgeoning blows
  • Almost as soon as the creature falls however they all feel a sickening lurch in their stomachs and they nearly fall to their feet from the crushing pain that seems to want to tear their insides out…

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Session 39

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